K. Harikrishna

14th May 2016

“If you are looking for a safe, secure, clean school that not only looks after the kids when parents are at work, but a place which instills confidence, discipline, manners in young minds at the same time teaching phenomenal skills in Math, English, Geography, Music, History and Culture for your kids then look no further than Peas in a Pod. We have two kids (boy and a girl) since age 2-months and they are now 5-years and 3-years old respectively. Many times my kids don’t want to leave in the evening. The basic foundation Ms. Minka has provided to our kids is phenomenal. Our kids can now build a strong learning experience on this solid foundation. They learn in a safe/fun environment and can play musical instruments, recite ABC backwards, do Math (Grade I level), read and write, recite poems, rhymes and the pledge. All the fun and learning happens in a family environment and you have to experience Peas in a Pod to believe and understand how good it is and experience it yourself. We sold our home in December 2008 and moved about 13 miles away, yet continued with Peas in a Pod, which speaks volumes for the excellent quality of Peas in a Pod. My wife and I are really at peace while we are away at work knowing how safe our kids are at Peas in a Pod, we couldn’t have hoped for better.”

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