A. Greenwood-Campbell

14th May 2016

“Our daughter began attendance at Peas in a Pod at the age of 4.  She was not so familiar with the childcare setting as she had been cared for in our home by her grandmother since infancy.  Our circumstances were not such that we “needed” childcare (afterall no one is better than grandma…right), but we wanted to afford our daughter the opportunity to develop social skills and be more well-rounded before starting elementary school the following year.  Ms. Minka far exceeded our expectations – not only delivering on growing our daughter’s interpersonal skills, but also advancing her scholastically.  Early on, we were quite impressed with how clean, safe, welcoming, structured, and energetic the atmosphere is at Peas in a Pod.  In my experience, no other childcare, private school, or public school comes close to comparing to the quality of the education and learning environment at Peas in a Pod.  Ms. Minka’s experience speaks for itself in her patience, attention to childhood behaviors, and parental coaching.  What we’ve enjoyed most about Ms. Minka is that she’s always sincerely encouraged us to be involved in our daughter’s academic development. She proactively asks what our goals are and finds a way to cater her curriculum to meet (and exceed) those developmental goals.  I can honestly say that she has cared for our daughter as if she was her own (giving regular progress updates and even calling to check on her when she was out sick).  My only regret is not enrolling our daughter in Peas In a Pod earlier.  Now that our daughter is 5 years old, she has entered elementary school well ahead of her peers academically.  She is able to read on a 2nd grade level, write/spell, perform arithmetic, analyze by process of association, and keep pace with students in 1st and 2nd grade classes.  Most importantly, Ms. Minka fostered good social skills and gave her the opportunity to be the outgoing and talented individual that she is.  We LOVE Ms. Minka and we are very lucky that she’s played a part in the growth of our daughter.”

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